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Feminism means quality of life for everyone!

We want a society that values diversity as enrichment and in which everyone can live happily. We want a society free of violence in which no one is made to feel small or shunned, a society with space for everyone and that asks no one where they come from. For us, this means we have to radically change capitalist and patriarchal norms so that we can live, love and work independently and freely.


Feminism means equal rights for all!

In a capitalist system, work and wealth are unfairly distributed. Unemployment, exploitation in the workplace, forced labour, poor pay and poverty in old age are just some of the symptoms of a societal system in which women* in particular are disadvantaged. They perform the majority of care work and stay-at-home parenting, for which they can expect poor pay or no pay at all.

Structured gender roles are apparent in the home, at work and in business. They are perpetuated day-to-day through sexist power dynamics and sexual violence. Still today, the family model of mother, father and child stands alone as the societal ideal in which women* should play a role. People who do not identify with the categories of man* or woman*, such as trans* and intersex people, are discriminated against as „abnormal“ and violently attacked.

We will defend ourselves against all forms of violence – particularly that which targets women*, LGBTQIA* people (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex, queer and asexual) and people of colour. We will defend against exploitation and oppression. We will fight against nationalism and everyday racism, against all legislation that strips refugees of their rights, against the criminalization of abortion and against laws that discriminate against sexworkers.


Feminism means resistance!

In Europe and worldwide, the old and new right is on the ascent. In Germany, this has found its parliamentary arm in the AfD.
A national-conservative backlash is sweeping across Germany and Europe, leading again and again to attacks on women’s* rights. The things that we fight for are repeatedly under threat.
Anti-feminism, resistance towards equality and racism are the common denominators of the new and old right and are a founding component of the right-wing spectrum, spanning from the conservative to the fascist. This all serves to strengthen traditional ideas of family, gender and lifestyles.

Everyday racism, including racial profiling, goes hand in hand with anti-asylum policies and the deadly border politics pursued by European governments. At the same time, attacks by right-wing extremists on advocacy groups are increasing in number.

We feminists will fight against this swing to the right everywhere and in all its forms, in solidarity with the worldwide campaign for women* in support of autonomy and better working conditions.

Together for an international feminist movement!


See you at the demo on Wednesday, 8th March!

Berlin | Hermannplatz | Starts 5pm | March begins 6pm