The Calling in English

Call for an international women*-struggle-day 2014

 The international women*-struggle-day is a symbol for political, economical and legal equal treatment, a self-determined live, the right for physical integrity as well as sexual self-determination. On the first international women*’s day, 1911, women* went ot on the streets to fight for equal social and political rights. Most of the demands are even one hundred years later still up to date. We stand among the ranks of other feminist initiatives and movements and want to organize a joint new feminist offensive.

Our goal is to (re)politicize the 8th of march, to solidarize women* and to create a publicity for our concerns and demands. Therefor a large alliance has gathered. This is why we call for an demonstration on the 8th of march.

 Still loving feminism.

 The political struggle for the rights of women and against discrimination, in every area, can only apply to concrete living conditions. These are determined by local, sociopolitical and also legal circumstances. Our struggle refers to concrete living conditions, which we want to attac and scandalize.

 We apply to women* with and without children, single mothers, employees, free lancers, challenged women*, students, legal or illegal working women*, unemployed women*,girls*, women* of color, young and old women*, hetero-, homo- and bisexual, queer- trans and all the other women*.

 Our argument is the struggle for equal treatment. But we don’t want to stop there. We criticize patriarchal structures, a society which is only oriented on profit as well as the ideology that everyone has to forge her/his own destiny. The failure to satisfy the expectations of the society to be simultaneously a perfect mother, an ambitious career woman and a seductive beauty is often associated with laziness and so the woman’s fault. These expectations are not random, but root in the very structures of this society. We can change that!


 Mostly bad payed, flexible and socially unprotected women* are forced to be dependent on the welfare state. When the government cuts pensions, reduces loans, raises the taxes or fees for the healthcare in the name of a debt brake, that hurts women* the most. Economy and society are not gender-free. Care still counts as a classical „woman’s job“ and is bad payed as a job and not payed at all if it happens at home. Payed and not payed labor must not only be distributed among men and women*, workers and unemployed but must also be newly evaluated. The unequal treatment of women* and men is still visible in precarious working conditions. Women* are most likely endangered by poverty among the elderly or dependent on their better earning partner. In a capitalist society they are exploited twice in their job an at home. Only a small group of women* can profit from from the ruling job requirements. The patriarchy-that forces people into a certain hierarchy and role models due to their gender, classifys women* as inferior and subordinated and defines then only through their relation to a man- concerns all women* in this society on many levels.


 The „value“ of women* is related to uni-dimensional role models and the ideal of beauty- on these criteria depend the opportunities and success in almost every area of live. We want that women* must not live in constant fear to be discriminated against due to their gender or outward appearance- neither in their workplace nor in the club, on the street or at home. Women* should have the right to decide among their body and sexuality, there are still social parameters from contraception to abortion which prevent a free self-determination. That comes together with everyday sexism, sexual harassment, domestic and sexual violence by which women* are highly affected.

Feminism is more than just struggle for women* rights, it is about creating perspectives which have different forms of discrimination, and their offsets, in mind. Gender inequality are related to other forms of inequality, such as racial, ethnic an religious. Female migrants are affected by different kinds of discrimination : a racist migration politic, everyday racism as well as a highly equipped border and deportation regime, make a carefree live impossible. Migrants, in the western european countries, are often forced to do housekeeping and carework mostly working under precarious and illegal conditions and are more likely to be endangered by racism and sexism.


For a political and visible women*-struggle-day 2014! We want to make a input for a new feminist actionabillity, to learn from our different experiences and to fight for common points, despite our differences without hiding these.

Because all women* are affected by discrimination. Because we can only succeed if we fight side by side. We want to enforce solidarity among women* and to show the necessity to fight against these circumstances. We call for a fierce demonstration on march the 8th 2014 in Berlin. Women* and all those who solidarize, are welcome to form a demonstration as big and as colorful as possible, with different blocks and their specific demands. With creative actions around the demonstration and inputs previously, we want to show our critic to a broad publicity.

Feminism is neither antiquated nor unnecessary. As an emancipatory project, it is still indispensable and up to date.

So get on the streets on 8th of march 2014!

Still lovin‘ feminism!

= We asterisked women and girls to imply explicitly trans- and inter-people. It doesn’t matter what you look like or how you’ve been classified our feminism includes you. We choose to call it the women-struggle-day to tie in with the prior feminist struggles, which’s demands are still not realized. Furthermore we want to include those who do not feel like women but are still discriminated against due to their gender.

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